It’s Time For Fans To Walk Away From The NFL

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There are only two events that I know of that unite our entire country.  The first is a moment of silence after a tragedy; the second is the singing of the national anthem.  It reminds us that we are all part of one country with shared ideals of liberty and equality.  Perhaps we can all have a moment of silence for the tragedy that is the national anthem protests.

I understand the opposing arguments, which makes it all the more frustrating.  It’s one thing if the national anthem protests were based on a truth.  Then I could say, “Well, I don’t think you should protest against the flag, but I see your reasoning.”  It’s quite another to both disrespect the country and to do so for a lie.  Here’s a five and a half minute video debunking the myth of racism and the police, which is first and foremost what these protests are about.

The Protest Is Ludicrous

Kneeling in protest of how this country treats black people is, frankly, born out of a society that engages in sensationalized entertainment instead of reading thoughtful history.  Name a civilization in world history that you would model fair treatment and equality more so than modern Western Civilization?

I’m currently reading about Shaka, the great warrior leader of the Zulus, who punished his enemies by having four sharpened bamboo skewers hammered up their anuses.  It didn’t kill them.  It just caused tremendous pain. He would then hang them from a tree where they would spend the next 16 hours dying in extreme agony. Their offense? They sneezed, which was a sign of evil spirits.  Would you prefer to live in that civilization, where offending a witch doctor meant death or banishment for any offense imaginable?

Or how about living in Cape Town, where all non-whites were slaves. If they ran away and were caught, they would have ears and noses cut off.  Even white men were punished brutally by tying lead weights to their ankles, then spreading their legs and dropping them onto a wood plank, crushing their testicles.  They would leave them hanging there for a whole day while the lead weights dangled from their legs, applying constant pressure to their groin.

Or there’s Cuba, where people literally die trying to escape oppression and sail the 90 miles of dangerous waters to freedom in the United States.  Would Cubans oppressed by the Castro regime argue that America oppresses its minorities?  Ironically, the player who started the anthem protests, Colin Kaepernick, frequently wore a shirt supporting Fidel Castro to his press conferences when he was explaining why he was protesting.  Why doesn’t Kaepernick ask Cuban born Americans which country is guilty of oppression?

But these examples of brutality and oppression are the societal norms of history, not the exceptions.

I do not worship the flag or the anthem.  But they are symbols of the guiding principles that, along with the Bible, have helped our nation become the exception to the rule of history.  Where injustice has been uncovered in our history, it’s been these standards that have served as our guiding light.  Men and women have died to preserve these standards for others to enjoy, including overpaid millionaires in the NFL.  They now protest these very standards as a symbol of the cruelty and oppression they stand against!  This is ludicrous!

The Protest Is Hypocritical

They say it’s about how blacks are treated.  Yet not a single one of these athletes would protest abortion, which has taken the lives of millions of black babies.  Margaret Sanger, one of the most evil women in history, believed that the black population could be stunted through abortion.  Why not protest that?  Not a single one of these athletes protest black-on-black violence, either.  Consider that between the post-Civil War era starting in 1882 to the Civil Rights era in 1968, an 86 year time period, 3,446 blacks were lynched.  The number of black-on-black murders now eclipses that total roughly every six months.

Black athletes don’t care about that statistic, though.  The one they care about is the acquittal of a white police officer who shoots a black heroine dealer after a high-speed chase.  A heroine addict, who refused to put his hands up and who had a gun in the car.  But that’s murder, see?  Or how about the 15 NFL players, all black, who are earning millions in the NFL having previously been charged or convicted of domestic abuse.

Do you see any protests for that?  Anybody asking how being good at football should make society wash over the fact that you beat a woman?

The problem is that the protest is first and foremost about the police.  It holds in contempt the thousands of black police officers that serve this country in uniform. In doing so, it also ignores the black Americans that served in our country’s military, defending our freedoms.  Defending each NFL player’s ability to make millions of dollars playing a stupid game.  NFL players aren’t out there saving anybody’s lives.  So why are they showing contempt for those who do risk their lives to defend their freedoms from actual oppression?

Who is really marginalizing blacks?  The flag or the players themselves!

In America, football is an idol. The football players themselves make up the pantheon of gods our culture worships. And like countless pantheons of other false religions, the gods are showing utter contempt for those who worship at their altar.  In what civilization, I ask, in the thousands of years of human history, would a person from a minority be able to go from poverty to riches by the age of 22, solely based on their abilities and hard work?  Where has this existed in human history?

It hasn’t.  Ever.

And where, other than America, would that person be able to go from rags-to-riches playing the sport of football?

Yet, these players are now using their uniquely privileged platform to show contempt for one of the few countries in human history in which their level of privilege is possible!  It goes beyond contempt.  I can no longer stomach such sanctimonious nonsense.  So, I’ve finally had enough.  No more NFL.  I am walking away.


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  • TLowe

    I think you nailed it.

    What the NFL refuses to acknowledge ( at least publicly ) is that it’s happening.

    Media will hide the truth for as long as they can but the truth will ultimately come out. The NFL is done.

    • Micah Hershberger

      Thanks, TLowe. The NFL has a real problem on their hands. They should look at ESPN as an example of what happens when you allow politics to overrun your ranks.