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How To Slay Your Dragon

Back in high school, I met a man named Charles. His last name escapes me now, but it’s not important to the story. Charles was a large, imposing, friendly fellow. But Charles identified... READ MORE

Who Is Garrett Mullet?

I sit here in John Galt Coffee, a charming little spot in Greeley, Colorado. My table is in the back corner, my laptop, notebooks, iPhone, and iced latte in front of me. The... READ MORE

Do I Still Want To Write?

Much has happened in the two months since I last published an article on this blog. My wife and I moved ourselves and our seven children from Sidney, Montana to Greeley, Colorado. I... READ MORE

I have never considered myself someone who loves work. For most of my life, I’ve focused my goals around accomplishing as much as possible with a minimal amount of effort. “Work smart, not... READ MORE

If The Lord Wills

It’s 6AM on a Monday morning – September 9th of 2019 to be precise. I’m sitting in the home office of our new rental home in Greeley, Colorado. We just moved in this... READ MORE