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I have never considered myself someone who loves work. For most of my life, I’ve focused my goals around accomplishing as much as possible with a minimal amount of effort. “Work smart, not... READ MORE

If The Lord Wills

It’s 6AM on a Monday morning – September 9th of 2019 to be precise. I’m sitting in the home office of our new rental home in Greeley, Colorado. We just moved in this... READ MORE

Peace and Purpose

“Lord, make me to be a man of peace and quiet action.” I woke up this morning with those words etched in my mind. I had been praying them repeatedly in my dream.... READ MORE

Racism and Ancestry

My wife Lauren and I recently got the results back on DNA tests from Ancestry.com, and I have been joking with people I tell this to that it turns out I am 100%... READ MORE