24803_1350472595625_7471551_nMicah lives in Sidney, Montana. A graduate of The Master’s College, Micah holds a degree in Communications. Writing is his passion, and he also enjoys reading three books at a time, playing basketball, playing NCAA Football on the Xbox, and working in his yard.

Micah’s influences include Randy Alcorn, whose book Heaven he counts as “the single most influential book [he has] ever read apart from the Bible itself;” John MacArthur, his former pastor at Grace Community Church; Robert Bauval; John Piper; Peggy Downing; and Ernest Hemingway. Micah puts his faith in the Bible as the ultimate authority on all issues pertaining to life and says, “It is only here in which our true purpose and belonging is found, through Christ’s work on the cross for our salvation.”

In addition to writing at On The Rocks Blog, Micah is also host of On The Rocks Podcast on Anchor.fm.


Garrett Ashley MulletGarrett lives in Greeley, Colorado with his wife, Lauren, and their seven children, and works in the oil and gas industry. He is an avid reader, using his typical 20 hours of driving time per week to study philosophy, religion, biographies, and politics via his Audible audiobook account.

Among Garrett’s influences are C.S. Lewis, Donald Miller, Alistair Begg, Voddie Baucham, and Mark Driscoll.

Garrett is the author of ‘And This Is Why We Homeschool,’ available on Kindle e-reader as well as paperback from Amazon.com. He is also host of The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show on Anchor.fm and Apple Podcasts, and co-hosts On The Rocks Podcast with Micah Hershberger.


marsh-linked-inMarshall lives in Minnesota with his wife, Luanne, and their children. Marshall graduated from Crown College with a double major in Management and Bible, and now works at an online marketing agency. 

On any given day Marshall might be found playing softball, disc golf, one-on-one basketball with Luanne, reading an epic fantasy novel, or taking a long stroll on the beach.

Marshall’s influencers include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, Ayn Rand, Walt Brown, Ken Ham, and the Apostle Paul. His favorite authors include Louis L’Amour, Brandon Sanderson, George Orwell, Robert Jordan, Jules Verne, Clive Cussler, Stephen King, and Stephen Lawhead.

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