An Ode to Black Lives Matter

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You hate your life but I’m to blame?
The story is old as Abel and Cain.
You want the blessing?  Obey the law!
Social Justice’s fatal flaw.

When Jesus He tells us “By their fruits you shall know them”
I look at what you’re doing in Minneapolis and Portland.
When He says to love others as you love yourself
I watch while you loot and steal stuff off the shelf.

When I first heard your voices, all broken and battered,
I wanted black people to feel that you mattered;
But when I reached out and I asked for an example,
You called me a racist, and that’s just a sample.

And when I ask questions, you say I’m gaslighting,
And when I’m disagreeing, you say that I’m fighting,
And when I get emotional, you say that I’m crying,
And when I speak truth, you accuse me of lying.
And now I’m exhausted and I’m sick of just trying.

So please listen up because my message is changing,
No more benefit of doubt or olive branch exchanging.
I’m just speaking the truth from now on without pandering,
Though I know in return I’ll get nothing but slandering.

You blame the whites, you blame the system,
You blame the men, you’re always the victim.
You blame the guns, you blame the drugs,
You blame the cops, but never the thugs.

Stop whining, stop groaning,
Stop crying and moaning.
Start smiling, encouraging,
Giving and serving.

Stop hating, stop looting,
Stop burning and shooting,
Start loving, start giving,
Start earning a living.

Then maybe you’ll realize you’re loved by the whites,
You’ll lay down your slogans and give up your fights,
And you’ll tell all those Democrats to go take some hikes,
Because they aren’t your friends unless you’re giving them your rights.

So with one foot in your shoe, for each other we’ll lookout;
You’re welcome in my church if I’m welcome at your cookout.

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Micah graduated from The Master's University with a degree in Communications. He is an avid book reader and audiobook listener with a special love of biblical pre-Flood history. Micah lives in Montana, where he pursues his interests in writing and photography.