Podcast: Book Review – ‘And This Is Why We Homeschool’

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And This Is Why We Homeschool

And This Is Why We Homeschool

Between school shutdowns and an increasingly radical Progressive agenda in our public schools, many parents have turned to the homeschool option.  On The Rocks Blog’s own Garrett Ashley Mullet published his first book, “And This Is Why We Homeschool”, in January of this year.  On today’s podcast, we are reviewing Garrett’s new book to discuss why Christians should consider the homeschooling option.

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This book is different from other books on homeschooling. It is much more philosophical than your typical “how-to” book. As a result, I approached the book differently. I pictured the author as a father sitting at his desk in the morning. The house is quiet, and he sips coffee while contemplating how to best lead his family and train his children.

The book starts with a simple premise. Proverbs 22:6 instructs us to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”. Therefore, the next logical question is “who should train up a child?” This book is the author’s response.

The book divides neatly into four sections, each section tackling a different aspect of education.

Section one looks at the responsibility of parents to raise up their children. It examines how parents cede too much authority and responsibility to others in society – namely, the public education system. Section two examines the public education system itself. Where did it come from? Who decided that the K-12 system was the best way of educating children? Is public education a neutral ground for kids?

Section three examines homeschooling in light of sections one and two. It explores the benefits of homeschooling. The author offers encouragement to those who believe that homeschooling their children is beyond their capabilities. Finally, section four examines the opposition to homeschooling, especially from within the church.

The author draws heavily on his own personal experiences both as a homeschooled student and as a homeschool parent. The book is a comfortable blend of personal experience and philosophical ideas, guided by the objective truth of God’s Word.

A Valuable and Timely Resource

I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about homeschooling or to anyone already homeschooling and in need of a well-crafted biblical and philosophical defense of homeschooling that they can reference or give to others.

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