Marshall: Discord is Good, And Other Miscellaneous Election Day Musings

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Election Day Musings
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Today Is Election Day

As I sit here preparing to vote on election day, I am reminded our freedom to participate should never be taken for granted.

Our choice of who we want to represent us always reflect some level of compromise over our beliefs, background and worldview, and the beliefs, background and worldview of the candidate. Would it not be great if our candidate was not a flawed human being?

Even so, that we participate freely to elect such representatives to our government is a great blessing. And yet even freedom of this kind – is it not also a compromise?

True freedom carries with it the “power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

And yet we are restrained in small ways by societal pressures, by groupthink, by social justice, by family members, by our workplace, by the media, and by countless other sources that impact our thought on so many levels.

True Freedom

We are not truly free because the world we live in is comprised of flawed human beings. The world we live in needs a Savior; it needs redemption. This is fundamentally why power must be held in check.

This is the compromise that our founding fathers made by separating the powers of government into three distinct branches. Those branches do not get along by design. If they did, one can only imagine the havoc they could unleash.

A united government is the enemy of the people.

Discord. Dissonance. Strife.

These will remain for as long as the world we know endures. There is some solace in knowing this is good. This is intentional.

Do not listen to the noise in the wind that shouts we can have lasting peace and prosperity for all if we only cede all control to those wiser than us. That path has been tread, and it leads to death.

Remain hopeful, however. For today we vote, and as freely as may be possible.

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