Why Trust is Essential to Maintaining Your Data Security and Online Privacy

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Why Trust is Essential to Maintaining Your Data Security and Online Privacy


Privacy policies and laws protect our online privacy and data security, but just how trustworthy are the government and the corporations providing us these interconnected platforms? Award-winning web technologies services provider, Marshall Mullet, joins Micah Hershberger to talk about the role of trust in our society and how you can maintain privacy and keep your data safe.

Why Trust is Essential to Maintaining Your Data Security and Online Privacy

Whether you are on your desktop computer at home or traveling abroad accessing the internet through your smartphone, you are trusting that the platforms and programs you use are secure.

Laws prevent federal, state, and local governments from spying on you. Additionally, laws and privacy policies hold corporations in check regarding what data they can collect and distribute. Until recently, most Americans took these truths for granted. Now that we’ve seen serious breaches of trust at both the federal and corporate levels, it is more important than ever to educate ourselves about the programs we are using.

There is no quick fix. No single program or service will remove your online footprint completely. And the laws that exist to protect you may not be around forever. Also, corporations that provide the products we use may change their privacy policies – and, let’s be honest, do we really read and understand those?

Therefore, we need to take some ownership of our own privacy and security. We need to understand the risks, review the permissions we grant to third-party applications, and explore the different layers of online risk in order to mitigate our exposures. Trust is essential to your data security and online privacy.

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