And This Is Why We Homeschool

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On The Rocks Blog’s very own Garrett Ashley Mullet has published his first book. And it is available on paperback and Kindle from right now!

Are you thinking about homeschooling? Is someone you know considering it? No shortage of books will help you figure out how to do it. This is a book about why you should. 

Written from the perspective of a homeschooling father of seven who was himself homeschooled growing up, this is an encouragement to fathers and mothers to think rightly about their children’s education. 

What our children believe about God, themselves, one another, and the universe – these are all features of their education. And the worldview our children develop is downstream of the sort of education they receive.

The worldview being conveyed to our children by the American public school system is badly broken. And we both can and should judge this tree by its fruits.

Stagnant academic performance, bullying, school shootings, teen suicide, substance abuse, teacher-student sex scandals. All these and more have become features of the public schools in this country.

We should ask and answer some important questions, then. For starters, what sort of worldview are our children constructing that these and other dysfunctions are now so commonplace?

And who is helping our children come to the conclusions they ought to about God and man, and the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

If the answers to those questions are unsatisfying, there is a better way.

And This Is Why We Homeschool

Maybe you are a parent of homeschooling children and you could use some encouragement.

Perhaps your local school shut down, and now remote learning or homeschooling has been forced on you. Now you could use some help finding motivation to make the best of it.

Or maybe you have a friend or family member considering homeschooling their children.

Rather than starting you off with another home education how-to, let us start with why we homeschool. And as we figure out the the reasons we should do this thing, the way to do it will be made far easier.

So order a copy today for you and the people you care about the most! Then leave a review on Amazon letting everyone know just how much you enjoyed it.

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