Playing Valheim With The Boys

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Playing Valheim

The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show – Playing Valheim With The Boys

Let’s talk about playing Valheim – the new Viking survival game I have been enjoying with my sons and an assortment of friends and family.

We have learned some important life lessons so far. Team work, strategic thinking skills, and how to fell trees without them dropping on your head – it’s all here, folks.

The graphics may not be anything to write home about. As many have pointed out, the game has a very Minecraft feel to it where textures are concerned. But the map to explore is huge and randomly generated. The score is relaxing and appropriately themed. And the lighting effects and scope of vision are downright breathtaking sometimes. Not only that, but the building, crafting, and requisite resource collection mechanics are deeply satisfying and engaging.

Also, more broadly, how do we think about videogames and computer games? As I have argued before, play can be more than entertainment. If we choose to utilize them this way, playing videogames can be an excellent medium for learning. But we have to be intentional and strategic about what games we play, as well as how and why we play them.

Listen to this episode of The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show to hear all about it.

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