In Defense of Self-Defense, Part II: Left and Right

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Let’s examine America’s relationship with guns – past, present, and future. In this second post in a two-part series, I’d like to make a case in defense of self-defense.

Obama Pushing Gun Control After Another Gun-Free Zone Shooting Spree

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News outlets are reporting that the Umpqua Community College shooter in Oregon lined all his hostages up against the walls of their classrooms today and demanded they tell him their religion. Those of his victims who said they were Christian he immediately … Continued

Green Beret Hero Kicked Out of the Army for Shoving an Afghan Rapist

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So the U.S. Army has rejected an appeal from Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret in his 11th year of service, and is still intent on involuntarily discharging this soldier for an incident in 2011 in which he … Continued