Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock Looks Like a Bomb

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Things are not always what they seem.  Appearances can be deceiving.  Sometimes what looks like a home-made clock to one person looks like a home-made bomb to someone else.  And sometimes what seems to many to be a case of Islamophobia (an irrational fear of Islam) may in fact be a case of Islamophilia (an unwavering love of Islam).

Ahmed Mohamed’s clock looks like a bomb to me, whether he’s a Muslim or not.  And while him being a Muslim doesn’t mean he’s automatically a terrorist, it doesn’t mean he isn’t one either.  Is it any more fair to rule out the possibility of his being a terrorist because he’s a Muslim than it is to assume and insist he is a terrorist?

Old suitcase with old alarm clock and old shirt
   If Ahmed Mohamed’s clock in a pencil case had looked like this, I’d understand the insistence from many that he’s been treated unfairly. Instead, Ahmed Mohamed’s clock looks like a bomb.


Aren’t you tired of hearing about kids getting expelled or suspended because they eat Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, or draw a picture of a gun, or wear t-shirts with 2nd amendment messages?  Where’s the White House invite for those poor, embarrassed white kids who had the book thrown at them? Where’s the passionate, coordinated media campaign to stick up for those non-Muslim students who were treated in a heavy-handed manner?

Be honest – a kid eating a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun isn’t hurting anyone, and no one is even remotely confused about whether a Pop Tart suddenly becomes a dangerous weapon when it resembles a pistol.  A pencil case clock that genuinely looks like a fake bomb, on the other hand – would you rather play it safe and take it very seriously and have it turn out to be a false alarm, or would you rather those you leave your children in the care of be more afraid of being mistaken about what is or is not a bomb because they’re going to be called out as racists, and then find out the hard way that it genuinely was a bomb?

What if Ahmed Mohamed intentionally made the clock look like an IED – Improvised Explosive Device? And don’t tell me it doesn’t look like an IED.  What if he was trying to get a reaction, trying to provoke a response which would prove racism and discrimination and get him into the public eye?  What if this was a setup?

Consider the Breitbart.com article published this past Friday:


Ask yourself: what if the school knew full well that this clock didn’t have the explosives in it and they didn’t want to take a risk he might go get explosives and put them into a closed ignition component he had lulled them into a false sense of security about?  If this school had done nothing and it turned out the boy had hidden or packed explosives separately, then later blew his classmates and teachers sky-high during lunch or some such, we’d all be talking about why nobody did anything.  Wasn’t that the conversation after Columbine?  Didn’t everyone say “If only we had known, if only we had done something sooner” after Sandy Hook?

Well, America, reacting like this when precautions are taken is what will cause people to stand idly by and do nothing when there are obvious signs something isn’t quite right. Congratulations, Outrage Manufactory Incorporated – you’re training Americans to be more afraid of being politically incorrect and offending Muslims than of having their children blown up by terrorists.

Now some will say “But Garrett, how many kids in the U.S. have ever detonated a bomb at school?”  To that I would reply that before 9/11, how many terrorists had hijacked planes with box-cutters and flown them into skyscrapers? Before the Tsarnaev brothers attacked the Boston Marathon, how many times had we seen pressure cookers in bags used to blow up runners as they crossed a finish line?  Things have never happened until they happen, and clever terrorists in America and around the world are constantly trying to come up with things that have never happened before because they know our guard will be down when they do those things we’re not expecting.

I’m not in favor of zero-tolerance policies when it comes to Pop-Tart guns and 2nd Amendment t-shirts.  Leave those kids alone for crying out loud!  But if a kid comes to school with an airsoft gun they’ve removed the orange tip from, however, and their toy suddenly looks like a real firearm, I’ll understand when all the responsible adults freak out a bit and cite a zero tolerance policy as their paper shield for having taken precautions to safeguard themselves and the students in their care.

But here we are bickering back and forth over whether or not it’s an outrage and injustice for teachers or administrators to have called the police in response to what appeared to be an IED.  Consider also the climate in this town, the campaign already underway for a while now against this mayor. Is there more to this story than meets the impartial, unbiased, agenda-less eye of the mainstream media?  You bet there is.

At best this smells like a setup to punish and ruin the local officials for having dared to oppose the Islamicization of their town.  At worst this could’ve been a radicalized teenager putting a toe in the water to see if half a bomb could be hidden in plain sight, then completed and detonated once everyone had grown comfortable.

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