An Open Letter to Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah on Anti-Abortion Advocates and Gun Rights
Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, posted up a meme on Facebook on Monday, October 12th, in which he made an analogy regarding anti-abortion advocates who are also in favor of gun rights.


An Open Letter to Trevor Noah, New Host of The Daily Show


Trevor Noah​,


I defend my 2nd Amendment rights for the same reason I’m Pro-Life: I am against unjust harm coming to innocent people, and I’m particularly responsible for the innocent people under my roof – my wife and children. Not being naive, I’ve put two and two together and come up with four. Human beings are capable of incredible evil, cruelty, and selfishness. One need look no further than abortion to understand that there is monstrous evil in the world which enjoys free reign in preying on the weak and defenseless to achieve its selfish ambitions and desires.

For the same reason I oppose innocent babies being murdered at their mother’s and father’s request, I am against someone hurting my pregnant wife or our children, born or unborn. As a Christian husband and father, I feel personally responsible to defend my family with my life if need be. If someone breaks into my home, I’m not going to let them get past me. That’s where guns come in handy – to help me make sure I can stop an attacker before they inflict harm on those persons I’m responsible for.

Just think about it for a minute. You’d call the cops if someone were violently attacking you, your family or friends, right? If so, surely you must realize that the guns those cops carry are a huge part of what makes them worth calling in the first place. If the cops aren’t coming with guns, what’s the point in calling them?

Just to clarify, you’re not opposed to everyone having guns, just citizens. You still want cops and soldiers and bodyguards to pack heat, right?

But why stop there? If the cops having guns is a big part of why we call them when someone’s attacking us, why should your family or mine have to wait for the cops to arrive before an effective defense of ourselves can be mounted? From when the call is made to when they arrive is going to probably take a few minutes at least. That obvious fact is where the popular saying comes from – “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

In the same or a lesser amount of time as what it would take for me to call 9-1-1 and ask for someone else to come and defend my family for me, I can reach for one of my guns and have my wife call the cops while I take up a position between the intruder and my family. With a weapon in my hand I’m undoubtedly a lot more persuasive when I tell that intruder to get out of my home.

And rest assured, I’d rather an intruder leave my home than put me in a position where I would have to shoot him. But greater than my concern for that intruder’s health and well-being is my responsibility to my family, and that intruder ultimately is responsible for taking his own life in his hands when he breaks into my house.

Again, just to drive the point home, this is why I’m in favor of maintaining my Constitutional 2nd Amendment Right as an American “to keep and bear arms.” Guns are a tool with which I can defend my family and myself.

But really now, these things aren’t that hard to understand, Trevor. Surely you must have realized them. So I have a request to make on the presumption that you do know better and are simply showing an uncompromising bias for advancing the Left’s policies and positions through your “comedy.”

Please stop putting nonsense like this on your new TV show and the internet. Unfortunately an obscene number of young people foolishly form the majority of their opinions, values, and sensibilities from pop culture influences like you. And when you make bad arguments and mischaracterizations like this, you’re leading those young people astray. They’re not thinking critically about what you’re saying, they’re just trusting you because you’re young and wear a suit and have most of the rest of pop culture echoing the same progressive drivel you’re putting out.

The long and short of it is that you’re acting like a partisan hack right now and it’s not charming. But why are you saying these things?

Maybe you’re just saying the extremely progressive things The Daily Show’s traditional  base likes to hear, regardless of rationality or good taste, figuring that’s a safe bet to win their loyalty and approval by trying to flatter them.

Maybe you’re insecure about filling the shoes of Jon Stewart, so in a desperate, clumsy effort to establish your bonafides as a comedian on this level you are reaching for unique material that will help you stand out from the crowd and develop your own distinctive brand.

Maybe you’ve figured out that a lot of people grow their fame these days by saying outrageous, inane, ridiculous things which anyone with an ounce of sanity and decency wouldn’t dream of uttering, and so you’re following that pattern in hopes it’ll ensure your success by getting you attention.

Then again, maybe you’re a true believer yourself in these things you’re saying and so you think you’re doing the right thing by mocking Pro-Life advocates and Gun Rights defenders, reckoning that the ends justify the means even if you have to be dishonest and sloppy in your arguments disguised as jokes in order to help accomplish the broader agenda.

Whatever the reason for this irresponsible behavior and rhetoric, I’ve got a better suggestion for you. How about disseminating real truth and authentic good taste instead of obscene dishonesty? Come on! Give it a shot. You might be surprised at the benefits to yourself and your viewers. If nothing else, you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day.

The words of your predecessor, Jon Stewart, are coming to mind: “Please stop. Stop hurting America.”




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