Is Big Tech Too Big?

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Is “Big Tech” too big?  Are the Big Five – Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Twitter – publishers or public forums?  And should we be concerned about the recent attempts to rule Conservative thought “extremist” and censor it?  

In recent weeks these questions have risen to the forefront of American politics. It’s also an issue that divides the Christian church. How should we view Big Tech? And if we’re concerned about censorship and privacy, then how should Christians respond to Big Tech’s overstep.

One of the issues discussed is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how it relates to Big Tech platforms as well as the rise in Alt Tech platforms – i.e. Parler and MeWe. Section 230 outlines what is a publisher (a site that controls what content is published and is liable for it) and what is a public forum (a site that allows everyone to post content to it and is not liable for that content). Are Big Tech platforms trying to be both?

Marshall Mullet joins Micah Hershberger and Garrett Ashley Mullet to weigh-in on these and other important questions surrounding the power of Big Tech platforms.

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