Hysteria Over Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute Explained

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Hysteria Over Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute Explained

I woke up yesterday morning surprised to learn that media outlets were running stories about a supposed Laura Ingraham Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Or at least I wish I had been surprised to learn that.

Yes, yes. We get it. Democrats are terrified Trump is going to win this election and kick out all the Muslim “refugees” and illegal immigrants.

Yes, yes. We know, the Democrats think it’s racist and sexist and hateful to disagree with them on anything, and that disregarding their demands for “safe spaces” is now tantamount in their minds to sending someone to the gas chamber.

We get it.

And yet the awful irony is that, between the two parties in American politics, the Progressive Democrats have far more in common with the Nazis – not least the Socialism inherent in the old National Socialist Party of Germany, but also the use of modern-day brown shirts in the form of #‎BlackLivesMatter to threaten, intimidate, and break up political rallies held by candidates the Democratic Party disfavors.

For that very reason, I wish I didn’t believe that people are still talking this morning about how Laura Ingraham is secretly a Nazi, or how the Republicans are all Nazis, or how Trump is the next Hitler. And yet I do believe it because I know the Democrats are in a full-on panic, throwing every asset they have at destroying Trump and Republicans so as to not lose the upcoming election.

For example, TED released a video just this week explaining how Hitler rose to power. It’s an interesting little 5-minute documentary, and I would usually enjoy watching it in other circumstances. Yet the timing of this particular video and the very purposeful keywords and parallels to what Trump’s been doing throughout the weaving of the documentary’s narrative made it very clear why the video had been made and was being shared with the public at this time. The TED video never mentioned Donald Trump by name, of course. Yet the history of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party was deliberately spun in such a way that all the commenters on the video understood immediately what was being implied and were nearly apoplectic in responding that Trump must be stopped or else the Progressive America they know and love will be destroyed, and the world will have another Adolf Hitler on its hands.

On and on it goes. TED isn’t the first, and it certainly won’t be the last. All the liberal media outlets and celebrities are running with the “Trump is the new Hitler, Republicans are the new Nazis” narrative. But again, it’s the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, as any careful student of history knows full-well.

These accusations against American conservatives and Republicans didn’t start with Trump, after all. Just take a look at Jonah Goldberg’s seminal work, Liberal Fascism, in which he talks about how Progressives have been incessantly accusing Republicans of being Fascists for years because they don’t want to be caught holding the bag themselves.

Pay no heed to a century of Democrats openly admiring and cheering despots like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and so-forth, some of those men even making the cover of TIME magazine as its person of the year; pay no heed to Progressivism being Socialism, just another branch from the same Leftist tree from which Communism, Maoism, Nazism, and Fascism grew. Pay no heed to the same Statist approach to all of society’s problems and desires under-girding the empowerment of Democrats and their arbitrary exercise of that power for the last century. Forget that the Democrats are the real Fascists because they just accused Republicans and conservatives of being Fascists to shut them up, even though that is the height of folly and ignorance and literally a contradiction in terms when you consider the American Constitution and political tradition outside the Democratic Party.

It’s classic projection.

The Left sees a Laura Ingraham Nazi salute where there isn’t one because they’ve deliberately and methodically polarized America.

James Kirchick with the LA Times published a story here a few days ago in which he urged the military to stage a coup if Trump gets elected. Yes, you read that right. A coup. He’s talking about the military taking over America to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Which means he’s talking about martial law.

And why? Again, it’s because Trump is supposedly the next Hitler and Republicans are the new Nazis.

Or, if we’re honest, it’s because the Progressives were promised “Hope and Change” by Barack Obama eight years ago. They still haven’t seen it come to fruition, but have rather seen America get worse on several fronts while stagnating on others. What’s more, they’ve heard President Obama make incessant excuses for his failure to deliver by blaming George W. Bush and Republicans in the House and Senate. For Trump to campaign against Obama’s policies now is just too much for Obama’s devoted converts who still don’t want to believe their fearless leader is and was a fraud and phony, or that his “fundamental transformation” of America was inherently and fundamentally flawed and bad for America.

But because Obama supporters have hope in a third-term of Obama in the form of Hillary Clinton, and because they’re practically frothing at the mouth to see the empty promises of Democrats realized, they have to continue demonizing Republicans and Trump as Nazis, never mind that their party historically has had and does have the most in common with the actual Nazi Germany of history, or that Hillary Clinton would take us further down the road toward totalitarian Statism than Trump in all his rhetoric should lead us to believe he would.

Yet you can’t tell Hillary supporters these things because they’ve been thoroughly brainwashed to view Trump as the next Hitler and Republicans as the new Nazis.

When I see things like this – social media abuzz with outrage and shock at a Laura Ingraham Nazi salute that never happened – I really do fear for the future of our society. It seems a certitude we’re headed for a collapse. Left and Right, liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites, and a thousand other divisions we’ve been told to identify ourselves with first and foremost before seeing ourselves and one another as Americans – the differences seem to be irreconcilable, not least because we can’t discuss problems openly or honestly anymore without being accused of some new phobia or bigotry or privilege every time we merely start to identify said problems. Republicans are faced with a choice: cave in to every Progressive Democrat demand or be slandered as Nazis. And how do you carry on a conversation with someone after they’ve called you a Nazi anyway?

Then again, that’s just the point. The Democrats created these divisions deliberately so they could exploit them. Divide and conquer is as ancient a maxim of military strategy as they come, and that’s the strategy of Progressives in America when it comes to identity politics. The numerous fractures in American society aren’t supposed to be healed because the Democrats don’t want them to be.

They don’t want to carry on a conversation with Republicans. Besides serving as a big juvenile shout of “NOT IT!”, this is another handy reason Progressives smear Republicans as Nazis and Fascists. They don’t want to work with the Republicans, and accusations like these give them an excuse for not even trying to.

You don’t have to listen to a Nazi.

You don’t have to argue with a Nazi over why your policies are better than theirs.

You don’t have to work with a Nazi or give them anything they want.

Let’s face it. Nazis are evil, therefore anything they want or say or think or feel must be tainted with the stain of evil inherent to their Nazism.

And how did America and the rest of the world respond to the Nazis and their allies during WWII anyway? The simple answer is that our country and its allies fought and killed and subdued the Nazis until they could threaten world peace no more. Is that where Progressives are headed next with their irrational, dishonest, incessant, manipulative efforts to polarize the American public against Americanism?

I hope to God not.

Yet that’s likely what a coup would mean, as the LA Times has so irresponsibly suggested. Or that’s where nominating a Supreme Court Justice who would dismiss the 2nd Amendment as outdated and obsolete could mean, supposing that dismissal was followed up by efforts at nationwide gun confiscation, the real end-goal of Progressives pushing for gun control, whatever they might claim to the contrary. That’s just the thing about liars. They lie.

Where is this all headed, folks? If a Laura Ingraham Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention supports the narrative that Donald Trump is the next Hitler and Republicans are the new Nazis, that’s what we’ll be told her casual wave really was. And if the briefest split-second of waving to a crowd will be used to smear and vilify conservative Americans, there really is nothing Democratic politicians and their media lapdogs won’t claim, and there really is nothing Democratic voters won’t believe.

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