Illegal Immigrant Slave Labor: Why Democrats Oppose Deportation

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It’s safe to say the folks at ATTN aren’t convinced Trump’s plan to deport America’s illegal immigrant slave labor force is such a great idea.

Scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday, I came across a video posted by a Bernie Sanders supporter on my friend’s list. Put out by, the video focuses on what disastrous results might come of Donald Trump’s plan to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall on the border of Mexico.

The video is short, a quick minute and a half. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below:

Rather than forecasting doom and gloom at the prospect of enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, however, perhaps we should ask ourselves what the point of having laws on the books is if they aren’t going to be enforced.

I mean, is Trump proposing new laws, or is he saying we should enforce the laws that have already been passed? Insofar as he’s only wanting to enforce the laws that have already been passed, isn’t it a lot of deceptive nonsense to demonize him as though this was all his stupid, racist idea? Yes, yes it is.

Notwithstanding claims from President Obama and others as to whether it is or isn’t American to deport illegal immigrants, there are laws on the books which our elected representatives did vote and sign into law, and the truly un-American thing would be to forget we are a Republic, a nation of laws in which the rule of law must prevail rather than the arbitrary whim of an individual.

Illegals Do The Jobs Americans Won’t Do… For Those Wages

I find very odd this oft-repeated claim that Americans are unwilling to do the jobs illegals do. How many millions of our American countrymen – fellow citizens, friends and family members – are unemployed or underemployed? How many are on foodstamps or unemployment benefits? And we’re insisting that they wouldn’t do the jobs illegal immigrants currently hold if they were given the chance to?

Don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say as a sleight towards people on welfare. Believe me, I’ve relied on many of these benefits myself before. These programs were indispensable for my family when work was impossible to find and I had a family to take care of back in Hillsboro, Ohio.

WIC, PIP, food stamps – I appreciate from first-hand experience their usefulness as temporary measures to keep people from being ruined and completely destitute. But that’s what they are and must be: temporary measures. These programs are not and cannot be long-term solutions.

Now I work. For the past four years I’ve had a full-time job and have been able to pick up part-time work on the side when we had medical bills or homeschool curriculum to pay for.

It feels really really good to know that my labors rather than a government handout are what is putting food on the table and clothes on the backs of my wife and our six children. That is a long-term solution: full-time employment for every able-bodied American man or woman who needs a steady income to provide for their basic needs and wants.

Yet if we are going to have welfare programs and benefits and so many Americans relying on them for their daily bread and basic needs, why don’t we bring back something like what Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted with the WPA during WWII? Put the unemployed to work, and let them start by building the wall on our border with Mexico. Then move the unemployed to working the jobs the illegals leave behind when we deport them.

If that seems heartless, ask yourself how many of our fellow American citizens are currently unemployed because an illegal immigrant took a job they could’ve, would’ve, or did do before. Really, now, who displaced who here?

All these American citizens receiving welfare benefits, supposing some of them continue needing to once the illegal immigrants are deported – why not have them work for those benefits and contribute to the common good thereby? That would stimulate the economy, bring a low-cost solution for the many neglected infrastructure projects all over America, and would give the recipients of welfare benefits practical work experience, not to mention the dignity that comes with earning what they receive.

Illegal Immigrant Slave Labor

Illegal Immigrant Slave Labor: Why Democrats Oppose Deportation

Sadly, voters for the Progressives and Socialists and Democrats don’t seem to remember that it was the Democratic Party that opposed the civil rights movement and wanted to keep blacks underfoot and serving as cheap labor in the South. Why have the voters forgotten that? Because the Democratic Party has a complicit mainstream media at their disposal, relentless in crafting a narrative that makes themselves out to be the paternalistic caretaker of the black community in exchange for loyalty at the voting booth.

Now Hispanics are the cheap labor the Democrats are trying to hold onto, and the Democratic Party has been shockingly effective in controlling the narrative on illegal immigration as well, much as they now do on race relations between black and white Americans. Republicans are the mean racists here, of course. But why?

With videos like the one put out by ATTN, the Democrats make it out as though keeping Hispanics in the U.S. and working for low wages is somehow the compassionate, principled, non-racist thing to do. Really, though, how can we take that seriously? The Democrat’s self-serving plan to flood America with cheap labor and a broader political base for themselves is not compassionate, it’s just a more polite form of slave-labor to replace the black slaves the Democrats lost when Republican Abraham Lincoln issued his emancipation proclamation.

If you really want to do the compassionate thing, vote for someone who will enforce our nation’s laws and put American citizens back to work.

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