Real Men Protect Women Rather Than Hiding Behind Them

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Our Daughters and Sisters and Wives Should Be Forced to Fight America’s Future Wars: Because …Equality?

Real men protect women rather than hiding behind them, but news broke this week that top Army and Marine Corps generals are suggesting American women be required to register for selective service – i.e., the draft.

So I typed up a short article on the subject, explaining that God designed men and women differently and how that is more than okay, it’s great!

My short article generated quite a few comments on our blog’s Facebook page, and I was honestly blown away by the predominant attitude of what I read. To summarize, “equality” supposedly means women need to register for the draft and go off to fight on the front-lines just like men. Women wanted to be treated equal to men, so this is what they get; the feminists’ comeuppance has finally arrived!

Well here’s a news flash that could only come as news to a society spiraling downward into senselessness:


We not only need not accept such an idiotic definition of equality as modern feminism has hoisted upon us, we absolutely must not. It is high time we put such talk away as the senseless folly it really is.

Feminist Insanity: Radical Egalitarianism

How do so many modern men and women conflate equality with uniformity? We do not want androgyny, people. So enough already!

Yes, women should be treated as equal in intrinsic value and worth to men, but that doesn’t mean men and women should be treated uniformly. Equality is not uniformity, and uniformity is not equality. They are not synonymous or interchangeable terms. For us to confuse the two requires a great deal of ignorance and self-deception.

Lauren and I have a daughter and five sons. I can tell you from years of first-hand observation that boys and girls are different. And it’s awesome that they are. It is a good thing. The differences between males and females is not accidental or coincidental! That’s how God intended it.

Rather than whitewashing those differences or being preoccupied with our insecurity about and phobia of them, we ought to celebrate and honor the differences between men and women as purposeful and good. We dishonor He who made us when we dishonor those inherent differences He intended from the beginning for us to possess and embrace.

Equality - you keep using that word...

“Equality” – you keep using that word…

Is It a Problem for Equality That Men Don’t Give Birth or Breastfeed?

Like I said, my wife Lauren and I have six children. Both she and I were involved in the process, to be sure. But I haven’t given birth to even one out of our six children. Does that make my wife and I unequal? Not by my way of figuring! It just means we’re different.

Suppose feminists begin telling us men that equality means we have to get pregnant, then give birth to and breastfeed a baby. Are we going to pursue that also in the name of equality? No, of course not.

What if feminists say all women need to have their ability to get pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed removed because its sexist against men that women are allowed to do things men can’t do? Boy I sure hope that isn’t the next thing coming down the pike!

But just like it is more than okay for women to be able to do some things that men can’t or shouldn’t do – like give birth to babies – it is more than okay for men to do some things that women can’t or shouldn’t do – like register for the draft, go off to war, and fight on the front-lines. This isn’t a question of equality, but of whether we’re still able and ready to respect one another despite our differences.

Women shouldn’t be in combat – period. But even if we permit the ones who are willing to fight (which we shouldn’t), we absolutely have a duty as honorable men, supposing we have any honor, to cherish and protect women. Compelling them to join the military and fight on the front-lines against their will is the opposite of cherishing and protecting them.

The issue is not whether women should be allowed in the military in the first place, though that is definitely a worthy question. The issue is whether all women should be forced to possibly pick up arms and fight America’s battles just because some very headstrong women have elbowed their way into the military and insisted they’re as tough and strong as men.

Feminists Don’t Speak for All Women

My wife Lauren isn’t a rabid feminist and doesn’t believe or act for a second like the feminists speak on her behalf. So how is it the least bit fair to say all women – whether they be traditionally-minded like my wife, or whether they be rabid feminists – be treated like rabid feminists?

Regardless what feminists might say, they don’t speak for all women. Even if they did, it wouldn’t change our responsibilities as men. So why are we allowing them to speak for all women? And why are the radical feminists being allowed to define the terms of this debate?

Why are feminists being allowed to radically change both the military culture and civilian culture? Because of feckless men who’ve allowed them to and can’t differentiate between the desires of feminists and the desires of women more broadly.

So here’s my idea, men: stop being spineless wimps. For us to paint with broad brushes and get spiteful with all women as if they are all belligerent feminists who need a rude awakening is neither manly or noble of us, but weak, childish, and cowardly. Grow up already.

Real men protect women rather than hiding behind them.

Real Men Protect Women, They Don’t Hide Behind Them

It’s 2AM and a husband and wife are asleep in bed. Suddenly a sound of glass shattering downstairs wakes them both. Who grabs the baseball bat and confronts the intruder while the other calls 9-1-1? If the man has any decency, he is the one who stands in the gap between an intruder and his beloved bride. It is a pathetic excuse for a pajama boy who sends his wife to confront an attacker while he hides in the closet and waits til the coast is clear.

To reiterate what I said in my article earlier this week, my daughter will be drafted to fight America’s future wars over my dead body. It’s absolutely insane and idiotic and dishonorable to think that America’s men might someday send my little princess off to fight their battles for them. I cannot use language too strong to describe how low my opinion of that proposal is. It is absolutely the most wicked, ignorant, ridiculous, insane, stupid, dumb, idiotic, cowardly, weak, spineless idea I have ever heard, and I detest it.

Fact: women are physically weaker than men.

Fact: wicked and depraved men can and do take advantage of women because men are physically stronger than women.

Fact: women forced into the military, especially in combat roles, are at a greater risk of being captured by the enemy due to their physical weakness relative to men.

Fact: women in combat who are captured are at a greater risk of being taken advantage of – i.e. raped and sexually assaulted – especially if captured by the enemy.

Once again, I completely and utterly reject the proposal that my daughters and granddaughters, against their will, would be subjected to a bunch of men – even their fellow American soldiers, given the current lack of morality and decency in popular culture – who might do God knows what to them. My daughters and granddaughters will not be forced onto the battlefields of tomorrow where they might be killed or captured and violated by merciless enemies. If we American men have any honor left whatsoever, we will not permit that plan much-less endorse it.

Respect should not necessitate that men and women are uniform in all respects. Really now, how shallow and fickle have we become if men and women cannot honor and respect one another unless there are no distinctions between us? Can we not cope with even the most obvious and rudimentary differences between men and women?

If not, so much for diversity!

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