Combat Roles For Women, Men, and Dogs

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Combat Roles For Women, Men, and Dogs (1)

Warfighting 101: Send Your Strongest, Toughest, and Most Aggressive

Let’s talk some more about combat roles for women and men in the United States Armed Forces. I’ve written two articles this week on the subject of young women having to register for the selective service – i.e., the draft: No, America – You’re Not Drafting My Daughterand Real Men Protect Women Rather Than Hiding Behind Them

This article makes my third in a week because I just can’t get over how bad an idea this is, and I refuse to accept the possibility that my daughter Evelyn could some day be compelled to join the military and fight in future American wars.

Reading the many comments made on the links to my two articles on our Facebook page, I am absolutely blown away at how many men have objected that women and men can and should do the same job in the military “because of equality.” I know feminism has been trying for several decades to brainwash and browbeat modern American men into blind, ignorant, unthinking acceptance of an untruth – that women and men are equal in every regard, and that women should be treated and evaluated identically to men. I just didn’t realize until this week how effective the feminist campaign has been. Time and again as I logged in to look at what people were commenting I saw men – always men – asking variations on the same basic questions:

When there is a war to be fought and a battle to be waged, why should men be the only ones to do the fighting? Why not the women also? And why should men rather than women be drafted for military service in a national emergency?

Even if you reject my conviction as a Christian that God designed and created men and women differently and that men should honor and protect women, a very compelling answer to these questions lies in the obvious and entirely relevant physical differences between men and women. Men are physically stronger and tougher and more aggressive than women. Or at least they are when society isn’t trying to turn them all into pansies and wimps from an early age, doing stupid things like suspending them from school even for eating their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun.

It occurs to me that I need to find a way to side-step the modern American man’s hen-pecked inclination to dismiss an assertion that should be so obvious as to not bear mentioning, much less require a debate:

Men are physically stronger and tougher and more aggressive than women.

In order to sidestep the booby-traps (no pun intended) feminists have placed in your mind to ward off common sense, in order to get around the knee-jerk rejection of maleness and femaleness feminists have trained you to embrace and defend – I want you to consider an example that isn’t so emotionally charged and contentious as men and women, males and females, or feminism versus chauvinism. Maybe then you’ll understand the importance of the physiological differences between men and women when it comes to war.

So let’s change gears for this article and talk about dogs.

Combat Roles For Women, Men, and Dogs

Do you own any dogs?

We have one – a Cane Corso and Rottweiler mix. His name is Tiberius. He is a guard dog, and his purpose in our home is to discourage burglars and kidnappers and others who might consider trespassing or breaking into our house, especially when we’re asleep or I’m away at work.

When my wife and I were searching for a good guard dog for our family, we didn’t pick out a cute little Pomeranian. We weren’t drawn to the Chihuahua. Shih Tzus held no appeal for us. Why is that? A dog is a dog, right? No, not quite.

Obviously, though those little breeds are all dogs (technically speaking), they lack the size and strength necessary to deter any but the weakest-willed would-be trespasser.

Our dog Tiberius, on the other hand, is an imposing sight. He’s not quite a year and a half old and he stands at my waist, weighing somewhere between 100-140 pounds. I don’t know for sure how much he weighs because I’m liable to hurt both him and myself if I try to pick him up and step on the scale.

But Tiberius is big. He is muscular and energetic and has an impressive baritone bark. He is a guard dog, and you know it just looking at him. No one has to argue his case that he is, in fact, a guard dog. It is absolutely obvious and self-evident.

Tiberius’ parents were both large breed dogs. Even when he was a puppy, we knew generally what size he would grow up to be because we understand the basics of genetics. With a father weighing in at 140 and a mother weighing in at 110, you know the puppies are going to grow up to be somewhere in that range, much larger and stronger than a Chihuahua.

Combat Roles for Women, Men …and War Dogs

“Cry, ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.”

– Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of William Shakespeare‘s Julius Caesar


For all of the things Shakespeare’s line in Julius Caesar could have eluded to, it could never have referenced little dogs like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. Imagining otherwise renders Marlon Brando’s performance in the 1953 film adaptation of the classic play completely and utterly ridiculous. No matter how fierce those little dog breeds may think they are, they make a quick snack for any big dog spoiling for a fight.

The ancient Romans employed war dogs in battle. Tiberius is, on his mother’s side, literally descended from the canis pugnax, war dogs of Julius Caesar’s day. Just as the ancient Romans did not let slip Pomeranians and Chihuahuas on their enemies in battle, but rather large and strong and aggressive dogs like our Tiberius, the modern American military today employs large dogs like German Shepherds. You will never see an American soldier in uniform holding the leash of a vicious attack poodle – or at least I pray not. To employ dogs in fighting who are unsuitable for fighting would be cruel to both the dogs and those who depend on them, and would only stymie and make bloodier the battles and wars engaged in.

That is why American generals and commanders and civil leaders should not send our women off to war, whether those women are willing or not. Women are not equal to men in physicality – body size and weight, bone structure, or raw strength and endurance. Nor are women as naturally aggressive as men are – a trait which is, whether you’re comfortable with it or not, absolutely essential to someone being told to fight and kill on the battlefield.

There’s no two ways about it. Denying that fact is ignorant, plain and simple. Women are not the best war dogs we have, but rather men are. It is a disservice to the women being told to fight, the men fighting alongside them, and the potential success or failure of the campaign being waged for American social engineers to knowingly send less than our best specimens into the fray.

Men are physically stronger and tougher and more aggressive than women. And that’s why men rather than women should be in the military to begin with, in any capacity. And that is why men rather than women should sign up for the selective service, and be sent off to fight our nation’s wars in the event of a national emergency that requires a draft.

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