Is Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Racist or Insensitive?

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Is Saying All Lives Matter Racist or Insensitive-

Is saying that All Lives Matter racist or insensitive? Many these days will tell you it is, but I strongly disagree and I’d like to briefly tell you why.

First off, what’s wrong with Black Lives Matter?

There’s a reason All Lives Matter is the appropriate response to Black Lives Matter, and it has nothing to do with condescension and putting black people in their place or dismissing the legitimate pain and fear and anger of black people.

Replying to Black Lives Matter by saying that All Lives Matter has everything to do with countering a movement that has shown itself remarkably willing to embark on moral crusades by spreading false narratives and relying on unsubstantiated claims about racial violence and law enforcement in America.

Additionally, many, many members of the Black Lives Matter movement have been alarmingly willing to turn these moral crusades launched by Black Lives Matter into calls for violence and actual violent action against law enforcement and white Americans. It’s not enough that the movement is built on lies; when ardent devotees to the movement begin hurting and killing cops and white Americans as a result of their total embrace of those lies, the movement becomes something less like mere leftist propaganda and something more like an active and dangerous terrorist organization.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Consider the hypocrisy that Black Lives Matter is a guilt-trip racist accusation against all whites for the wrongful deaths of young black men in America when the fact is that the vast majority of blacks murdered in America are slain by other blacks, and that many blacks in America have shown a stubborn refusal to accept any responsibility for changing their own violent, lawless culture which makes these murders as well as run-ins with law enforcement far more likely.

It’s a classic case of plank and speck where Black Lives Matter wants to project the slaughter of young black men onto the culture of white America even though the culture of black America is killing over 90% of those same young black men Black Lives Matter claims to care so much about.

Yet it doesn’t stop even there. It gets worse!

Consider the consequences of feeding young black men a narrative that innocent blacks are being systematically targeted by law enforcement for extermination and persecution all over America. If true, this is a very serious charge indeed and we should all be outraged at our legal system for perpetrating genocide. If untrue, however, this narrative pushed by Black Lives Matter recklessly increases the odds that a young black man having a run-in with the police is going to be angrier, more defensive, and more likely to violently clash with the cops in a way that leaves someone dead.

In effect, the false narrative pushed by Black Lives Matter then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which guarantees more young black men will have violent run-ins with law enforcement who they perceive as unfair, unjust, brutal, and murderous.

Is saying All Lives Matter racist or insensitive? No!

I firmly and wholeheartedly believe All Lives Matter. ‘All’ includes but is not limited to black lives, white lives, police lives, and the lives of everyone else on the sidelines who just wants to mind their own business and live their own life. Yet I’ve heard many a celebrity and friend outraged at the saying ‘All Lives Matter.’ They say it’s dismissive and condescending and insensitive, if not racist to boot.

For instance, one friend of mine offered a hypothetical to illustrate why All Lives Matter is the wrong way to respond. He asked me to imagine my mother had died of cancer. If my mother had just died of cancer and I started a movement with the slogan that #CancerPatientsLivesMatter, wouldn’t I be offended if someone responded by saying that All Lives Matter? Wouldn’t I feel like the people responding that way were callously giving me and the memory of my mother the back of their hand? Just so, how is it any different when we respond to Black Lives Matter by saying that All Lives Matter?

In answer to my friend’s question I would say that All Lives Matter is absolutely the most loving response we can give Black Lives Matter for the same reason comparing that movement to one I would found if my mother died of cancer is not a good fit.

If cancer killed my mother and I was trying to raise awareness to come up with a cure for cancer or encourage people to get themselves screened for cancer early when something can still be done to treat them, there would be no downside. Nobody could possibly be hurt by such a movement. There would be no collateral damage, only potential benefits if my new movement succeeded in raising awareness, support, and due diligence.

In the case of Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, the collateral damage is human lives destroyed, relationships strained, animosity and strife exacerbated, and distrust and resentment encouraged. In this movement, it’s being argued that cops and white people are the cancer that afflicted and killed your mother, father, sister, and brother, and will likely kill you too if you don’t fight it now.

That’s why five cops are dead in Houston. Two were executed in New York City. And how many white men and women and children have been attacked in public by blacks angry about “white privilege” and the racism supposedly inherent to our legal and socioeconomic system? How many have been assaulted and killed because of the racial animosity being promoted by this unhinged Afrocentric movement? So long as the number is more than one, it isn’t fair to compare Black Lives Matter to your loved one dying of cancer unless you’re prepared for innocent people to be treated like a disease, fought and disposed of accordingly.


All Lives Matter, on the other hand, is a saying meant to remind everyone to respect everyone else.

All Lives Matter reminds any cops and white people who may have forgotten to treat black people with fairness and respect that they are dealing with their fellow man and will someday give an account to Almighty God for their actions and attitudes.

Just as importantly, All Lives Matter reminds angry black people that the innocent cops and white people many of their movements’ participants and supporters are attacking and murdering as vengeance for slavery and Jim Crow and young black men being shot and jailed under questionable circumstances also have inherent value and dignity and worth in God’s eyes.

When we truly believe that All Lives Matter, we assign equal weight to the innocent man’s life regardless his shade of skin or whether he’s a cop. The fact that cops and white people are being hurt and killed by black people influenced by the narrative and rhetoric of Black Lives Matter proves All Lives Matter is something angry black people need to be reminded of just as much as anyone else.


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