Understanding the Three Major Security Threats to Your Private Online Data

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Three Major Security Threats to Private Online Data

We live in an interconnected world. Just how secure is your personal data on your smartphone? Or when you text? Or when your kids post to Twitter and Facebook? Marshall Mullet joins Micah Hershberger and Garrett Ashley Mullet again to break down the three major security threats to your private online data that everyone should know about.

This is Part 2 in our three-part series on Big Tech and personal privacy. You can hear last week’s episode here where Marshall breaks down the notion of “Big Tech” and what it means in broader society. In this present podcast, Marshall identifies the three major security threats to your private online data.

Three Major Security Threats to Private Online Data

They are: hackers, governments, and corporations. We’re all familiar with the concept of hacking and phishing. Most of us work in a business environment where the threat of hackers is real and constant. We understand how to use complex passwords and basic security practices.

The second group, government, is a lot more difficult. Governments have virtually unlimited time, resources, and man power by which to track individuals whom they have set their sights on. If the government decides that you are a threat, it is very difficult to escape their notice, even if we weren’t so connected to our world through social media, the internet, and technology in general.

The third group, corporations, are bound by the laws of this country which thus far have protected us from severe invasions of privacy. We need to stay vigilant to support these laws and elect officials who value our personal privacy.

Marshall breaks down these groups and separates the myths from the realities. It’s only when we understand the risks inherent to our online data usage that we’ll be able to take steps to mitigate, eliminate, or transfer those risks…or accept them as they are.

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