What’s Wrong With Socialism: Eugenics and Abortion

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What’s wrong with Socialism?  To begin answering that question, one need look no further than the way in which Socialism’s attitude towards individuals within society has oftentimes throughout the political philosophy’s history led to the mass-murder of those people the … Continued

Donald Trump Supporting Planned Parenthood Is a Bad Deal

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Donald Trump supporting Planned Parenthood in any way, shape, or form is a non-starter for me, and it should be for you too. Let me explain. During the tenth Republican debate in Texas last night, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco … Continued

“Birth Control,” And Other Ignorant Remarks About My Children and Family Planning

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Anyone who knows me knows I’m in favor of people being honest and not censoring one another. I’m into having substantive, in-depth discussions on, well, just about everything. I love a good debate on political, social, philosophical, historical, psychological, or … Continued

Aborting Abortion – 2 Wrong Assumptions about A Woman’s Right to Choose

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  In America today, we call it abortion. We content ourselves with allowing it to be a debatable issue. Everyone kicks the political football back and forth on whether it’s more of an outrage to kill unborn babies than it … Continued